Rebecca Ruud Certified Rolfing Practitioner 801-671-9118
Rebecca RuudCertified Rolfing Practitioner801-671-9118

Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

"I have received treatment from all sorts of health and wellness practitioners in my life.  When I experienced a snow skiing accident and threw my shoulder out of place, Rebecca "fixed" me. Rebecca is a pro.  Her extensive knowledge of the human physiology along with her intuitive sense of addressing my real source of pain, made the difference in my quick recovery.  I also appreciate her professional courtesy and demeanor.  I highly recommend Rebecca as a Rolfer... and an overall great person."


Paul M.



Carol K. said after just one session:  "I'm so happy.  I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you!!!!"



"really don't know where to start! 4 months ago I had never heard of Rolfing and today I walk taller, bend deeper, and just feel better because of it. The 11 sessions I spent with Rebecca pressed the reset button after 33 years of bad habits and abuse and allowed me to get to know my body and how it's supposed to work. Rebecca's professionalism and expertise put me at ease during some uncomfortable situations and made the entire process an amazing experience."


David J.


What a gift my three sessions with Rebecca were!!  She not only tuned up my body, but brought presence into the right side of my body -- a leftover from a stroke over twenty years ago.  I am present and free to be me!  As I said, what a gift!!

Leslie Reynolds-Benns




I first learned what Rebecca can do when she was working at a chiropractic office that I visited.  I was having a severe asthma attack, and one of the chiropractors recommended that I have Rebecca do a Rolfing treatment before I had my chiropractic treatment.  She brought me out of that asthma attack, and has done so on many occasions since.  Besides helping me with asthma, Rebecca has also helped me with structural issues with my body and has helped me to stay active at a level that I would almost certainly have been unable to maintain without her help.


Earl Chantrill





Rebecca has an amazing ability to 'talk' to muscles and other body parts

in pain.  There have been so many times that she has released some pent-up

pain within just a few minutes.


Rebecca has also facilitated many emotional/mental releases also.  We hold so many

in our physical body that it feels like a relief to get them out!  I was unaware that

an injury from 40 years ago was holding so much tension, and afterward I feel really

good about the injury and the past.  It makes the future look better!


It is also very comforting to have someone work on those things that we think we

have 'gotten over.'  Rebecca is Very Professional and definitely goes the extra mile

to make sure you feel good.  You will walk away feeling much better than when you

walked in. 


Linda A.



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Rebecca Ruud

West Jordan, UT  84081


Phone: +1 801 6719118

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