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Rebecca RuudCertified Rolfing Practitioner801-671-9118

Benefits/What to Expect

The benefits of Rolfing that are most commonly experienced include but are not limited to the following:


Body- Alignment, posture and shape more closely approach the gravitational optimum.  Improved symmetry and functional balance.


Breathing- More freedom and ease in breathing.  Greater depth and distribution of breath throughout the torso, often accompanied by a measurable increase in vital capacity.


Movement- Truer alignment of body segments in motion.  Greater resilience and flexibility.  Smoother, more "light and free" quality of movement.  Increased and more symmetrical ranges of motion.


Energy- A sense of increased vigor and more available energy. More efficient use of energy.  Normalization of perceived temperature in extremities.


Body Awareness- Increased, more sophisticated levels of proprioception and kinesthesia.  A sense of mental clarity and increased perceptual activity.


Relaxation- Lower daily tension levels. Lowered tendency to express stress as physical tension.  Deeper levels of relaxation more easily obtained.

Emotional- Feelings more accessible and recognizable.  Facilitation of therapy or other growth processes.  An increase in the depth of insight.


Sleep- Deeper, more restful sleep. Reduced insomnia.


Body Tissues- Improved skin tone and color in normal and scarred skin.  Softer, more resilient texture to muscle and soft tissues.


What to Expect



The first thing we hear about Rolfing is that it's painful.  This reputation has been following the Rolfing community around since the early days. Since then, it has evolved into an extremely dynamic and powerful form of bodywork.  My work may range from fairly firm to quite gentle during sessions depending on what is needed in individual sessions.  I will never work above individual comfort level.


Rolfing as a Process... 

The context in which Rolfing works the best is in a series of sessions.  Classically, Rolfing has been delivered in a ten-session series that addresses the entire body.  In the 'ten-series" treatment plan, the individual sessions aim to systematically re-sculpt the body's major segments (feet, legs, pelvis, back, etc.) in order to relieve strain from accidents, injuries, and/or misuse.  When these segments are sculpted into a new shape and form, they will subsequently work differently, allowing for new possibilities of alignment and function.  A healthier alignment tends to relieve most painful symptoms, and increase energy and vitality; the body will be doing as much work as it needs, no longer unnecessarily recruting muscles to maintain faulty postures and patterns of compensation.

While a full series is the most favorable approach to producing lasting results, clients can certainly benefit from fewer sessions.  Many clients use also Rolfing to manage both acute and chronic pain; this approach is often very beneficial and might not require the completion of a full series.  Another option is to take the goals of the Rolfing ten series and adapt them to any number of sessions.


A thorough health history will be taken either prior to or at your first visit.  At this time, we will also discuss your goals and, of course, address any of your questions or concerns.


A Typical Session...


Rolfing sessions usually last a little over an hour.  At the beginning and end of each session (and sometimes during) we will evaluate your structure in specific movements that will give both of us a chance to feel and observe changes. Clients are usually more participatory in the Rolfing process than with other types of body work;  you might be asked to perform specific movements or report on what you are noticing during the session.  While most of the work is done with the client on the table, it is often beneficial to work with the body in a seated position or even  while walking. Most clients, both men and women, prefer loose fitting clothing (the ones that take up the least amount of space on the back are best) for the session.

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